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2020 Guide To Participating in the MMP

The following guide was developed to help municipalities participate in the 2020 version of the Municipal Measurement Program (MMP). Municipalities in the Unites States and Canada can join the MMP for free so if you haven’t already applied to join the MMP, please start by doing so here.

We look forward to another great year of standardized measurement in 2020!

New Feature: Financial tracking

We have recently launched a BETA version of our financial tracking feature and it is now available to all Tracker plan administrators.

With financial tracking, you can configure up to 6 financial fields and categorize them as either expense or revenue. This will allow you and your reporting entities to track costs and revenues associated with your diversion activities.

Measurement continues to be a key theme at the Resource Recycling Conference

The Resource Recycling Conference (RRC) returned to the Big Easy this year to continue the conversation about materials management practices and to discuss the latest measurement tools and initiatives. Measurement continued to be a strong theme at RRC and the Re-TRAC Connect team is always excited to talk about data.

The conference kicked off with the Measurement Matters Workshop delivered by the U.S. EPA and Re-TRAC Connect. Day two included the Tracking Progress plenary session which featured a presentation by Chris Ronson about the analytical power of the Municipal Measurement Program. As always, we brought Party-TRAC back to New Orleans for an evening of bowling and great conversation.

Are you ready for RRC 2019?

The Resource Recycling Conference is right around the corner and as always, we look forward to connecting with Re-TRAC users from across North America. Register today to attend a diverse collection of educational sessions and network with the industry’s most influential policy leaders, CEOs, and government officials.

Make sure to visit us at the Re-TRAC Connect booth (#306).

New Features for June 2019

Our reports have traditionally been constructed using a combination of tables and charts/graphs. However, when the Municipal Measurement Program launched, we recognized that the information we wanted to present wasn’t well-suited to analytical formats.

We solved this by introducing a new report style that can be configured to display summary information in stylized blocks. This new report style is designed to present information quickly, clearly, and easily without having to provide a great deal of context. They’re constructed using icons, bright colours, and information hierarchies designed to enhance cognition for all audiences.

Sunsetting Tracker Light: Why we are retiring the free tool

Over the past few months, we have invested our time & resources into improving many of our Re-TRAC Connect solutions to ensure that your user experience, management tools, and analytical reports are optimized.

It is common with most improvement projects that before we make changes, we need to review the current usage patterns. This meant taking a good, hard, and honest look at each of our solutions, including our free tool Tracker Light.

Why your municipality should join the MMP [WEBINAR]

The Municipal Measurement Program (MMP) launched in January 2019 with the goal of harmonizing the measurement of material management programs and providing municipalities with decision-making tools that can improve recycling program performance. This free Program Assessment and Planning Tool provides participating municipalities with access to powerful analytical reports designed to measure waste diversion performance and improve programs.

Municipalities face a variety of challenges when it comes to reducing the amount of waste their communities produce. Program managers rarely have enough time or money to properly measure the progress they are making toward achieving their diversion goals. Tracking important performance metrics and researching program improvement options can also be challenging. Without efficient access to reliable program performance reports, municipal staff can struggle to identify the best course of action to improve recycling.

Watch the video to discover how the MMP will help municipalities to overcome these challenges and improve their waste & recycling programs.