Why Re-TRAC?

Your data has a job to do

Leading data management and reporting solutions designed for the waste and recycling industry.


Redefine what's possible with your data

A trusted leader in the waste and recycling industry for data management and reporting, Re-TRAC™ is the industry standard, offering a full suite of solutions for efficient and effective waste management. Whether you're a municipality, county, state, or a large enterprise, Re-TRAC is designed to streamline your processes and enhance your sustainability efforts.



We work with you to identify data collection challenges and design solutions that meet your specific measurement requirements. Re-TRAC’s purpose-built solutions address the intricacies of waste and recycling data management so you can stay focused on the results.



Experience a customer service journey like no other. Our dedicated Customer Success team is with you every step of the way, from onboarding to ongoing optimization of your programs. We prioritize your success with the delivery of personalized solutions that match your unique waste and management needs.



For over 20 years we have been committed to delivering great service and value to our customers. Quality is a hallmark of everything we do and it’s demonstrated by our commitment to innovation, customer service, and data integrity.

Data-driven organizations use Re-TRAC

Integrated suite of solutions within one easy-to-use platform

We understand the challenges organizations face in effectively tracking and managing waste. That's why we've developed a comprehensive software system that combines innovation, user-friendliness, and sustainability.

Consolidate your data collection programs all in one place

Improve your management efficiency significantly by bringing all your data collection programs into a single platform.


Centralize your data collection

Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and multiple systems. Re-TRAC offers a centralized data management hub, providing a single, reliable source for all your waste and recycling information. This ensures accuracy, efficient analysis, and consistency across your operations.


Accessible anywhere, anytime

Make your waste and recycling data management more agile and adaptable with the Re-TRAC web-based platform. Conveniently access and analyze your data from any location at any time using just an internet connection.


Aggregate & integrate with ease

Take a holistic approach to your data collection efforts. Efficiently collect, combine, and incorporate data from multiple sources or systems and access the most up-to-date information for real-time decision-making. Re-TRAC's user-friendly interface makes it easy to track, analyze, and extract data as needed.

Streamline data collection to save time and money

Improve data quality by replacing your spreadsheets & PDF forms with the industry's best data collection platform, and manage all your reporting programs for less than it costs to build a system from scratch.


Align team resources

Optimize your team's efficiency by reducing time spent entering, organizing, and analyzing data. Boost productivity with real-time collaboration features allowing you to share reports across teams and departments and set user permissions to prevent unauthorized access and changes.


Real-time report analytics

Make informed decisions with powerful reporting and analytics tools. Enter data today and generate a report within minutes that will provide insights into your waste and recycling data, helping you identify trends, track performance, and optimize your waste management strategies.


Built-in validation

Save time and minimize errors with automation features. Re-TRAC automates repetitive tasks, reducing manual data entry and freeing up your team to focus on more strategic aspects of waste and recycling management.

Experts in managing data

Focus on what really matters and leave the time-consuming program set-up to the experts. Re-TRAC will work with you and your team to get your program built and reporting entities onboarded seamlessly.


Customizable solutions

Meet with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to configure Re-TRAC to meet your unique data collection requirements. Our flexible platform empowers you to track exactly what matters most to your organization.



With customized workflows, seamless integration, and the ability to quickly implement program changes, experience a waste & recycling management platform that effortlessly adjusts to your unique needs.


Compliance assurance

Stay compliant with evolving waste management regulations. Re-TRAC is designed to help you adhere to local, regional, and national regulations, providing peace of mind and avoiding potential penalties.

Re-TRAC is the one platform you'll need to advance your circularity goals.

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Real-time messaging

Effortlessly communicate with your reporting entities throughout the reporting year by sending emails and in-system messages. If you're waiting on late submissions, leverage Re-TRAC's intelligent filters to remind them of impending reporting deadlines.

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Streamlined reporting

Increase efficiency in data collection and validation processes with intelligent data optimization techniques. Save time and effort with the pre-population of mundane historical data and simplify the referencing of key statistics by embedding links to Re-TRAC analytical reports directly within surveys.

Concierge service

Experience dedicated ongoing support from a Re-TRAC Customer Success Manager focused on providing expert guidance and exceptional experience. From addressing general inquiries to handling requests on-demand, Re-TRAC's Customer Success team elevates your experience.


Insightful analytics

Turn your data into actionable insights that drive efficiency and elevate your data and give it a polished and professional look using Re-TRAC reports. Each Re-TRAC Connect program empowers you to conduct spontaneous queries, produce best-practice analytics, and export them in various formats such as PDF, PNG, XLS, and more. With dynamic table sorting, smart filtering choices, and diverse chart options, elevate your data to a more polished and professional level.

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Personalized survey experience

Explore Re-TRAC's custom branding option, allowing you to personalize the platform with your organization's logo. Tailor the interface to reflect your organization's identity, share your dedicated registration URL, and create a seamless, branded experience for users. Provide guidelines to assist reporting entities in navigating surveys and ensure a sense of security, incorporating privacy measures specifically designed to safeguard your account.

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Tailored calculations

Instant calculations offer immediate feedback to reporting entities, enabling the identification of errors before submission. Calculate and display fees owed, diversion rates, compliance levels, and other metrics. Employ data field validation to minimize errors proactively.