Ordinance Compliance

Boost compliance rates

Quickly identify compliance status, schedule inspections, and measure diversion performance for commercial, multi-family, and construction & demolition (C&D) recycling ordinances.


Track compliance


Measure exemptions


Manage inspections


Measure performance

A compliance reporting solution that can
be adapted to your organization's data collection needs

Simplify enrollment, reporting, and exemptions

  • Easy enrollment

    Streamline onboarding by making it easy for affected property owners to enroll in your compliance reporting program.
  • Start with the essentials

    Whether your ordinance targets businesses, institutions, or multi-family properties, capture fundamental information like property size, number of employees, number of tenants, containers, and collection services.
  • Exceptions & exemptions

    Ensure affected properties can submit waiver requests so program administrators know which properties can't meet the compliance requirements and why.


End-to-end compliance monitoring

  • Capture compliance details

    Whether your ordinance focuses on recycling rates, education programs, or signage & container requirements, streamline the collection of recycling plans and compliance details from each affected property.
  • Manage compliance

    Quickly identify and manage the compliance status of each of your target properties to keep your compliance auditors organized.
  • Track inspections & reassessments

    Empower enforcement teams to document inspections, track communications, and schedule reassessments to ensure all properties work toward compliance.

Measuring success

  • Compliance rates

    Measure overall compliance rates and review a list of affected properties, their compliance status, and next steps for non-compliant properties.
  • Diversion rates

    Measure the overall diversion rate and property-level performance to evaluate the efficacy of your mandatory recycling ordinance.
  • Inspections time report

    Delight your inspectors by giving them a quick report they can reference when scheduling on-site visits and reassessments.

Streamline data collection

  • Capture project details

    Collect key information about each project including contractor, project type & value, job site location & size, waste management plans, on-site containers, diversion rate minimums, facilities used, and more.
  • Measure project-level waste generation

    Track the waste generated by each of your construction & demolition (C&D) projects including supporting documentation like weight receipts or the material weight estimation methodology used.
  • Monitor diversion rates

    Ensure your job sites meet minimum diversion requirements by monitoring the amount of materials that are reused, recycled, composted, or landfilled.


Dig into your data

  • Tonnage analysis

    Measure the total tons of MSW, recycling, and organics collected from each project or job site.
  • Diversion rate

    Calculate the diversion rate for each of your active construction, demolition, or remodeling projects to ensure targets are met.
  • GHG analysis

    Based on the U.S. EPA's WARM model, analyze GHG emissions measured in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E), by project or job site.
  • Cost analysis

    Calculate the aggregated cost analysis for all your projects or break down costs & rebates by project or job site.
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