Grant Application Management and Reporting

Centralize grant programs

Manage all your grants in one place by streamlining application processing, simplifying progress reporting, and tracking payment disbursements in Re-TRAC™.


Eligibility screening


Application scoring


Progress reporting


Reimbursement tracking

Streamlined grant applications

  • Screen for eligible applicants

    Use a screening form to determine if organizations are eligible to receive a grant.
  • Auto-calculate maximum grant eligibility

    Eligible grantseekers will appreciate that your application auto-calculates the maximum grant eligibility, as they complete the application.
  • Ensure reporting requirements are complete

    For ongoing grant programs, ensure previously successful grantees complete their required reporting before applying for another grant.


Support for multiple grant formats

  • Budget distribution grants

    Collect funding requests from local governments based on projected program expenses, population or economic data, maximum funding limits, and the total amount of funding available to all applicants.
  • Project-based grants

    Encourage businesses, schools, or other organizations to apply for grants to fund projects like contamination control, cart programs, education & outreach, and other improvements to material management operations.
  • Superfund grants

    Use an automatic scoring system to evaluate applications based on specific criteria and then distribute the funds based on the score of each application.

Evaluate applications & choose grant recipients

  • Review applications & select grantees

    Assess each application and any supporting documentation to select the grantees who will receive funding or expense reimbursements.
  • Assign progress reporting surveys

    Once grants are approved and grantees are selected, assign baseline assessment and/or project reporting surveys to measure how well your investment impacted your grantees' program performance.


Tools for grantmakers

  • Grant application summary

    Generate a report to view the key details of each application including total funding requested to help reviewers select the best candidates.
  • Application scoring

    Easily calculate each applicant's score to automatically shortlist grantseekers.
  • Progress reporting

    Monitor grantee progress reporting to track project completion or budget spends.
  • Reimbursement summary

    Run a report to view a summary of anticipated and processed reimbursement payments.
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