Drop-off Reporting

Everything you need to keep drop-off programs organized

Create a database of drop-off locations and capture key details about each site's activities.


Measure diversion rate


Log all drop-offs


Upload supporting documentation


Flag loads for review

Profile the drop-off locations in your jurisdiction

  • Start with the essentials

    Collect fundamental information about each of the convenience centers and drop-off sites operating in your jurisdiction including facility name, address, contact information, ownership details, staffing, and hours of operation.
  • Understand service restrictions & materials accepted

    Capture each convenience site's usage limitations, permit requirements, service restrictions, materials accepted, restricted materials, and payments accepted.
  • Track usage fees & other charges

    Document each drop-off center's published usage fees including material-specific rates, flat fees charged by load, and charges for commercial or non-resident users.


Centralize your drop-off recordkeeping

  • Log all drop-offs & user details

    Register each delivery including the date & time, driver's name, permits/license plates, vehicle information, materials delivered, estimated weight/volume, and fees charged.
  • Upload photo evidence

    Drop-off sites that capture photo evidence of driver's licenses, vehicle plates, or other photo evidence can upload these files with each logged delivery.
  • Flag a load for review

    Empower convenience center staff to flag drop-offs for review and provide a description to help the auditor know what to look for.

See the bigger picture

  • Materials accepted analysis

    Generate a summary of the materials accepted by drop-off sites in your jurisdiction.
  • Records flagged for review

    Review a summary of drop-offs flagged for review and the associated user information.
  • Tonnage analysis

    Calculate the total amount of materials received across all drop-off locations.
  • Fees & surcharges

    Calculate the total amount of the fees and surcharges collected from drop-off users.


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