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New Feature Enhancement: File Uploads

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We’ve enhanced a much-loved Re-TRAC Connect feature, allowing users to upload files directly to survey responses. You will now be able to upload larger files, more files per survey than ever before, and integrate them with Re-TRAC Connect’s sophisticated survey logic functionality.

We understand that gathering and managing material management information can be challenging - especially if you have multiple sources of data. Our enhanced file upload feature is simple; it gives members the ability to upload relevant supporting documentation within surveys in a more streamlined approach.

So, what's new with the File Uploads?

Previously, when completing a survey, file uploads were attachments added at the very end of a survey. With the enhanced feature, file uploads can now be linked to a particular question, allowing you to more easily relate the supporting documentation to the specific question on your Re-TRAC Connect survey.

For example, if you chose “Yes” to the question "Do you have additional strategies to add to the work plan?”, you will now be prompted to upload your supporting document(s) immediately. This also allows users who don’t need to upload anything to move to the next question, if they select “No”.

An example of the option to upload file
An example of the option to upload file
An example of once a file has been added.
An example of once a file has been added.

We also increased the file size limit by streamlining the way the file is processed. This efficiency has the added benefit of increasing the total number of file uploads allowable per survey to 30 (with a limit of 10 per page). We’ve kept file size and volume limits to ensure that users that have slow internet connections can be confident when filling out the surveys that all of their files will upload successfully.

Are you excited about this enhancement? We’d love to hear from you. Contact your Solutions Manager or our support team and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and discuss how we can configure this new style of file upload for your future Re-TRAC Connect surveys.