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Are you ready for the improved MMP? Here’s what you need to know

What's new with the MMP for 2022?

We are pleased to announce the release of the Municipal Measurement Program's™ (MMP) 2021 reporting surveys which have undergone several enhancements to create a better user experience. Each year the surveys are reviewed, feedback is collected, and improvements are made.

The MMP currently contains five surveys designed to collect and analyze waste management program performance data from municipalities and county/regional government agencies.

This year, for 2021 data collection, the following survey enhancements were completed:

  • Organics data collection has been enhanced in the 2021 "Residential Curbside and Drop-off" assessments, allowing members to differentiate between yard waste and food waste collection services.
  • “Tell me about your experience” sections have been added to all 2021 MMP surveys to collect better and timely user feedback.
  • Residential curbside data collection has been streamlined by increasing the amount of pre-populated data, reducing the number of “required” fields, and focusing data collection on areas of service that are provided by the reporting member.
  • New program recommendations were added for county/regional participants, as well as for those who are looking to improve multi-family recycling collection programs.

In addition to survey enhancements, this year we also launched the MMP Knowledge Base providing MMP members with access to useful guides and resources.


Improved Reports for Government Data Management Plan (GDMP) Program Managers

Data entered by MMP members can be aggregated and analyzed by state or county/regional governments. In order to provide better insights into the data collected, the following enhancements have been implemented:

  • Program Tonnage Analysis includes tonnage reported by both county and municipal members.
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  • Program Recommendations Summary includes recommendations generated for both county and municipal reporters.
  • Single-Family Lbs/HH report includes Lbs/HH served by both county and municipal programs.
  • Two Drop off reports now include combined county and municipal drop-off program data.

New Reports for Government Data Management Plan (GDMP) Program Managers

The following two new reports will be available:

  • Material Accepted Report
    • This report will summarize the types of material accepted in county and municipal collection programs.
    • It includes material accepted by regular curbside collection as well as bulky waste and drop-off collection.


  • Curbside Program Access Report
    • This report summarizes the curbside program availability for residents in counties and municipalities.
    • It contains data on how curbside services are provided, as well as who the service providers are for each county and/or municipality in the state/region.

Want to learn more about the MMP and how it can benefit your government agency?

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