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Help us improve your Re-TRAC Connect experience

Blog post graphic - Help us improve your Re-TRAC Connect experience

This is your chance to describe how your Re-TRAC Connect experience can be improved. It’s also an opportunity to tell us which Re-TRAC features you value most, share insights about how existing features can be enhanced, and introduce new feature ideas for us to consider in the future.

We understand the impact that software design can have on user experience (UX). Our software should be practical, intuitive, and enjoyable to use. Recognizing these fundamental expectations, we recently kicked off a new project that aims to improve the Re-TRAC Connect experience.

New Features – September 2016

Tracker and Tracker Light

Make “Activity/Process” a required field
Click the “Require Activity?” checkbox in your template configuration page to make “Activity/Process” a required field. This will ensure the activity//process is selected for each material before the transaction can be saved.

In Focus: London Drugs – A Beacon for Sustainability in the Retail Industry

In Focus: London Drugs Header

London Drugs is a privately-owned chain of retail stores in Western Canada. Founded in 1945 as a small drugstore in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, London Drugs now serves over 45 million customers each year. It continues to operate as a pharmacy but also offers cosmetics, electronics, housewares, grocery items, a photo lab, and a full-service computer department. While the retail chain has been recycling since the 80’s, its sustainability journey really took off in 2008 with the launch of its award-winning ‘What’s the green deal?’ program.

The Rise of Recycling Ordinances

Rise of Recycling Ordinances Header

An increasing number of local governments in the U.S. are implementing mandatory recycling ordinances that target commercial and/or multifamily properties, and can also extend to institutions and C&D projects. We researched local government recycling ordinances implemented across the United States since 1989 to look for trends in the data. Since 2005, mandatory recycling ordinances have tripled in the U.S. They are viewed as an effective tool to increase diversion from the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional sector and help municipalities achieve zero waste goals.

The 2016 Resource Recycling Conference

Resource Recycling Conference 2016

We’re counting down the days to the Resource Recycling Conference and always look forward to connecting with Re-TRAC users from across North America. Don’t miss this premier recycling industry event and make sure to visit us at the Re-TRAC Connect booth (#207/209).

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The Steve Thompson Memorial Grant

Steve Thompson was a caring, thoughtful man and a committed recycling champion who worked hard to move the industry forward. In honor of his tremendous contribution and to continue his work, a grant has been established to support the attendance of five inspired recyclers at the Resource Recycling Conference in New Orleans this August.

Applications for the Steve Thompson Memorial Grant are now closed..

New Features – June 2016

Overall System

Internet ExplorerDiscontinuing support for IE9 & IE10
As of July 1, 2016, Re-TRAC Connect will no longer support Internet Explorer 9 and 10. These legacy versions of the browser are outdated and insecure. Microsoft ended support for these browsers in January of 2016 which means that security updates and patches are no longer provided. We encourage Re-TRAC Connect users to update to the latest version of Internet Explorer or consider alternatives such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. [Read More]


In Focus: Metro’s Regional Solid Waste Management Plan

In Focus - Oregon Metro
Metro is the regional government that serves 1.5 million people across three counties and 25 cities in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. It plans and oversees the region’s solid waste system and works with local communities and industry partners to implement waste reduction programs.

These programs have been very successful. Since 2004, the region’s total waste generated per person dropped 23 percent. This success reflects program, policy & cultural changes, as well as factors outside Metro’s influence such as overall economic conditions. The region also has decades of success in its residential, commercial, and construction sector recycling programs.

In Focus: Austin’s Universal Recycling Ordinance

In Focus: Austin's Universal Recycling Ordinance

By now, you’ve probably heard the buzz: Universal Recycling Ordinances (URO) are on the rise. Municipalities are finding success by implementing UROs to tackle big picture waste management challenges.

Austin, Texas has earned a reputation for being a city with a pioneering spirit. It comes as no surprise that the city has set a goal to become zero waste by 2040. It’s an ambitious target. Fortunately, they have all the elements needed to deliver a successful program.

Planning for Success: 6 Key Elements for Delivering a Voluntary Reporting Program

Planning for Success: Voluntary Reporting Program Header
We understand the importance of collecting good quality data and the diversity of programs delivered in Re-TRAC Connect speaks to that. The majority of the programs in Re-TRAC are mandatory reporting programs that rely on legislative mandates or membership requirements to drive participation. These programs collect and analyze valuable data about the sustainable waste management landscape; however they alone cannot capture the whole picture. Voluntary reporting programs, often viewed as complementary to mandatory reporting programs, are delivered to fill in the blanks.