Program Success Shines Brightly in April

A number of Re-TRAC Connect programs were featured in the news last month. Here’s the recap:

Ontario Waste Management Association looks to close the data gap

How do I stack up against the rest of the sector? How do I determine our baseline in order to measure success or failure? These are some of the questions that Rob Cook, CEO of the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA), set out to answer with the help of Re-TRAC Connect. He determined that the first step towards assisting his member organizations in answering these questions is to start with province-wide data collection from landfills. OWMA aims to expand the program to other facilities by the end of this year. Rob Cook was recently profiled in the Solid Waste & Recycling news.

Why we played Bingo for Earth Day (and how you can too!)

We developed a bingo card (Earth Day edition) with the goal of completing the whole thing so each of us pledged to complete a square. Some were easier than others (Cathie made sure she took the stairs to our fourth story office instead of using the elevator this morning) and I have pledged to ‘Slay vampire energy’ when I get home tonight. Earth Day Bingo Card