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New Features for June 2019

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Presentation-Style Reports

Our reports have traditionally been constructed using a combination of tables and charts/graphs. However, when the Municipal Measurement Program launched, we recognized that the information we wanted to present wasn’t well-suited to analytical formats.

We solved this by introducing a new report style that can be configured to display summary information in stylized blocks. This new report style is designed to present information quickly, clearly, and easily without having to provide a great deal of context. They're constructed using icons, bright colours, and information hierarchies designed to enhance cognition for all audiences.

The presentation-style blocks are great for presenting single-metric summaries such as environmental impact reports, annual performance reports, and more. If you are interested in learning more, please contact your Solutions Manager to discuss how you can create new presentation-style reports for your program, or transform existing ones.

Economic Benefits of Recycling Report

This report calculates the economic impact of municipal recycling programs by converting tonnage information into insights about estimated job creation, attributable wages, and tax revenue. These metrics are a great way to communicate how municipal recycling efforts support local and national economies. Displaying the results in a table felt underwhelming so we transformed the report using presentation-style blocks to make the results more compelling.

Economic Benefits of Recycling Report

Program Recommendations Report

One of the most exciting features of the MMP is the program recommendations report. It analyzes the program assessment survey data submitted by a municipality to present a set of program recommendations tailored specifically to the municipality. The recommendations presented in this report introduce municipalities to a suite of effective tools and resources developed by The Recycling Partnership that inform, and guide the effective implementation of best practice strategies to optimize municipal programs.

We wanted to ensure these recommendations had the motivational impact we intended and a standard table would not do this report justice, so we implemented the new presentation-style blocks to bring this report to life.

Program Recommendations Report

Export Members From Status Page

Program Managers Only

The status page has always been a great place to view the full list of members who have joined your program, but until now you couldn't export this list. This update allows you to export a list of your member' contact information to Microsoft Excel (XLS) directly from the status page. The export respects any filtering applied to the member list so you can extract exactly what you need.

Status Page Export

NOTE: The members in the list above are demo accounts created by Emerge Knowledge staff and do not represent these municipalities or user accounts.