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Historical System Updates

November 2014

Programs & Reporting

Legendary updates
If you’re looking for a reminder about the meaning of a Re-TRAC icon, simply click the Legend to present the definitions of all icons (including our new paginated form status icons).

October 2014

Overall System

New analytics page for program reporters
All program reporters that have access to more than one report grouping now have an improved interface to view reports. Click ‘View All Analytics’ to navigate to a dedicated page that presents all your program reports in one place.

July 2014

Overall System

Adding multiple organizations just got easier
After adding your first organization, each subsequent organization you add will have its location fields pre-populated based on the location of the first organization you added.

June 2014

Tracker & Tracker Light

Environmental Equivalencies Report Update
The Environmental Equivalency reports available in Tracker and Tracker Light have been updated with the latest factors used to calculate the domestic, fuel, and natural resource equivalencies.

These reports are based on the calculations and factors made available by the U.S. EPA, for WARM version 12, updated in June 2013, and the Greenhouse Gas Calculator, updated April 2014.

May 2014

Programs & Reporting

Redesigned Member Info page
Program Managers Only
The Member Info page, used to approve or deny members in your program, has been redesigned. A ‘Private Program Manager Notes’ field has been added so you can keep private notes about your members. A ‘Message Member’ link has also been added next to the ‘Member Name’ which allows you to send a message to the user(s) associated with that particular member.

View survey statuses for all your organizations
If you are reporting to a program on behalf of multiple organizations, you now have access to a new survey status view. On your Dashboard, a ‘View Surveys’ link has been added below the ‘Go’ button for the program. Clicking this link allows you to choose one of the surveys in the program to see the survey status for all your organizations reporting to that program.

Historical Data
If you have more than 5 years of program data associated with an organization, there is now a ‘View Historical Data’ button on your Program Status page. Clicking this button allows you to scroll through the historical data.

April 2014

Overall System

Search directly from your Dashboard
You can now search for Programs, Directories, and Tools directly from your Dashboard using the search field provided. Suggested results are displayed as soon as you begin typing.

My Organizations export
You can now export all of your organizations’ location and contact information to an XLS or CSV file. This feature is available in the ‘My Organizations’ page which can be accessed by clicking on your name at the top right of any page.

Programs & Reporting

Opt members in and out of optional surveys
Program Managers Only
On the Members, Responses, Search, and Status pages, Program Managers can now opt members into, and out of, optional surveys by clicking on the member alias for the specified member. Speak to your Solutions Manager for assistance.

February 2014

Overall System

Refreshed navigation
We have updated the navigation within Re-TRAC Connect to provide a refreshed look for a new year. No functionality has changed, but the Community section is now clearly separated from the Dashboard, Programs, Directories, and Toolkit sections.

Tracker & Tracker Light

Two new reports available!
The Standard Diversion Rate report, along with a Configurable Diversion Rate report, are now available in the Tracker/Tracker Light Tools.

The Standard Diversion Rate report calculates your diversion rate using a pre-set formula of material diverted and disposed. The results of this report are based on the ‘activity’ you assign to each material within your transactions. Activities classified as diversion are recycled, reused, composted, and source reduced/waste prevention. The amount of material assigned to these activities is divided by the total material you have entered for all activities, and then multiplied by 100 to generate the Standard Diversion Rate.

The Configurable Diversion Rate report allows you to select which activities your organization classifies as diversion. The materials that are assigned to the activities your organization classifies as diversion are divided by total material, and then multiplied by 100 to generate a diversion rate based on your classification of activities.

Programs & Reporting

Special organization type export
If you manage special organization types as part of reporting to a program, you are now able to export the information associated with them. Examples of special organization types include ARD events, GAC events, Phase 2 depots, etc.

Search Page update
Program Managers Only
When performing a query on the Search Page, the results now include the question that was queried along with the summary statistics.

January 2014

Tracker & Tracker Light

Tracker and Tracker Light data export
All members of Tracker and Tracker Light can now easily export the data for all transactions created. On the Transaction Index page, click the export option in the top right of the results table to export your data in either XLS (Microsoft Excel) or CSV (Comma Separated Values).

Note: Transactions with more than one material will be exported as individual rows with identical Transaction ID’s.

Programs & Reporting

Include notes in emails to members when moving responses
Program Managers Only
When Program Managers ‘Move Responses’ from one member to another, Re-TRAC Connect sends an automated email to the member receiving the response as well as the member from whom the response is being transferred. Program Managers can now include comments and notes in the emails.

December 2013

Tracker & Tracker Light

Larger font for date range within charts
Within all charts, the date range font has been increased for ease of viewing.
Tracker and Tracker Light Analytics have been improved!
We’ve made it easier to find the reports you value most. The ‘Analytics’ page has now been re-organized to better suit the way our users are looking to analyze their data. Reports are now categorized as follows:

  • Snapshot: A moment in time view of your data.
  • Annual/Monthly Trend: Measure key performance indicators and the impact of new initiatives.
  • Diversion Rate: Calculate your diversion rate as a percentage of the total material managed.
  • Environmental Equivalencies: Convert complex data into familiar concepts including acres of forest preserved, vehicles taken off the road, and more.

Programs & Reporting

Configurable email notifications for Program Managers
Configuration options have been added that allow email notifications to be enabled/disabled for each program manager.

Options include:

  • Notification when new members request to join the program.
  • Notification when responses have been updated/submitted.

November 2013

Tracker & Tracker Light

WARM Model Report Update
Now when you generate a report using the US EPA’s WARM Model, only materials with which WARM factors have been associated will be displayed. Note: In some cases, materials may still appear to have no associated WARM factors, however this only occurs when the activity is left as “unspecified”.

Environmental Equivalencies Report Update
The Environmental Equivalencies report available in Tracker and Tracker Light has been updated with the latest factors used to calculate the domestic, fuel, and natural resource equivalencies.
This report is based on the calculations and factors made available by the Environmental Protection Agency, for WARM version 12, released in February 2012, and the Greenhouse Gas Calculator, updated September 2013.

Build Your Toolkit Today!
We have added a new section to Re-TRAC Connect called the Toolkit. Access useful tools to optimize your operational and educational initiatives:

  • Tracker and Tracker Light – Configurable and easy-to-use recycling and waste diversion tracking tools.
  • CVP Connect – A communications training tool developed by Curbside Value Partnership.
  • Yes! Cartons are Recyclable! – An educational tool delivered by the Carton Council.

October 2013

Overall System

New way to deliver high importance updates
An in-page pop-up will now be displayed upon login detailing important system updates that require your attention. Once you have reviewed the update, simply close the window and you will be directed to your Dashboard. At any time if you would like to see all past updates, please visit the Notifications page.

Programs & Reporting

Group multi-select on the Status page
Program Managers Only
If applicable to your program, you can now filter by a Group or a subset of your Groups on your Status page.