Environmental Co-op case study

Environmental Co-op replaces its spreadsheets with Tracker Light

"There are so many terrific aspects about using Re-TRAC Connect™, including how simple it is to learn to navigate and use; the virtually infinite tracking capabilities; the responsive and friendly customer service and our favorite...the clear, colorful, and easily generated analytical reports and graphs!"


Formed in October of 1997, the Environmental Co-op is a member-owned non-profit environmental business that specializes in setting up waste disposal programs in Kaufman County. With no landfills in the county and diminishing space in nearby landfills, the Co-op's primary focus is to provide education on issues such as solid waste reduction, composting, recycling, and resource conservation.

Eliminated spreadsheets graphic

Eliminated spreadsheets

Increased efficiency graphic

Increased efficiency

Cenrtalized data graphic

Centralized data

The Challenge


The Co-op needed to find a more reliable way to track its progress.


The Co-op managed its sustainability program using a complicated and outdated Excel spreadsheet. This system was prone to errors; especially when using it to generate charts from the data. The Co-op needed to find a more reliable way to track its progress.

The Solution

Marilyn May, the Co-op's Executive Director, asked her team to look into Re‑TRAC Connect™ after learning about the system at the STAR Recycling Summit. The team also had a chance to join a Re‑TRAC webinar during one of their TREES (Trinity River Environmental Education Society) meetings, though by that time the organization had already begun using Re‑TRAC's waste diversion tracking tool: Tracker Light.

The Results


Re‑TRAC connect provides access to real-time data and analytical reports on an ongoing basis.


At the beginning of 2014, the Environmental Co-op abandoned their double entry system in favour of relying solely on Re‑TRAC, which they wholeheartedly trust to accurately maintain their data. Re‑TRAC Connect makes it easy for them to compile their data and produce charts and graphs which are used each month to present to their board, and showcase their accomplishments to their membership and the community.

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