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Top 5 reasons to attend the Resource Recycling Conference

resource recycling

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend recycling conferences across North America each year. This year has already seen many noteworthy events including Kyle Wiens’ keynote at AOR and National Recycling Coalition President, Mark Lichtenstein’s presentation at the Michigan Recycling Conference. Now entering its sixth year, the Resource Recycling Conference (RRC) has been the gathering place for industry leaders across the continent and this year will not disappoint. We are extremely excited for this year’s RRC in Indianapolis, IN and here are our top five reasons why:

1. Recycling Innovator’s Forum

If you’ve spent time with an inspired individual who has a passion for sustainability, this forum is a no-brainer. If you haven’t, here’s your chance. Finalists in the third-annual Recycling Innovators Forum will be showcasing their inventions and innovative processes to advance recycling. In addition to being crowned the winner, a $20,000 cheque is up for grabs to ensure the idea can be brought to fruition.

Last year’s competition was split into two categories: Enterprise/Institution and Garage Innovators. My favourite, Ruby Lake’s Color Coated Recycling Glass Aggregate, developed an inexpensive, scalable color coating and pulverizing system that turned the heads of the judges thereby propelling them into first place. Check out all the 2014 finalists here

Make sure to grab your seat early. Over 250 people attended last year.

2. Connect with colleagues

This conference brings industry experts together from all across the continent. Email, phone, and webinars have given each of us an easy way to stay in contact with our long distance colleagues. That said, nothing beats sitting down for breakfast to chat about current events, challenges, and successes encountered this year. It’s your opportunity to seek advice, mentor, and reflect on the incredible presentations you’re sure to attend at the conference. The exhibit hall is a great place to meet new partners, so make sure to stop in to say “Hi!” (especially at the Re-TRAC booth).

3. Learn something new

If you’ve been attending RRC since its inception, you will have had to choose from over 200 presentations delivered by industry professionals from around the globe. This year’s program promises to deliver another year of presentations. Adam Minter, author of “Junkyard Planet”, kick’s off the conference with a keynote presentation. A must-see debate between those for and against Indianapolis’s recently-approved dirty MRF will sit on the same panel to share their views. And we’d be remiss to not plug our own session, “State Level Tools to Boost Local Programs”, where we’ll be featuring innovative strategies implemented by our incredible clients to reach their diversion targets.

4. National Recycling Coalition Annual Awards

The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) is hosting a lunch at the conference to announce the winners of this year’s National Awards. Awards are presented to honour counties, companies, organizations, and individuals that led recycling across the US. This year’s categories are:

  • Murray J. Fox Scholarship Awards
  • NRC’s Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Bill Heenan Emerging Leader Award
  • Outstanding Business Leadership
  • Outstanding Non-profit Business Leadership
  • Outstanding Community or Government Program
  • Outstanding Higher Education Program

If you’re interested to see last year’s winners, check them out here. You might even see a company you know on the list.

5. Party-TRAC

Once referred to as the “invite-only party that everyone’s invited to”, the 11th annual Party-TRAC is a must-attend event. Visit the Re-TRAC Connect booth for your personal invite to our favourite event of the year.

If you haven’t registered, there’s still time. Click here for more details.