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MMP reporting deadline is December 1, 2019

MMP deadline 2019 header

Municipalities participating in the Municipal Measurement Program (MMP) are reminded to complete their 2018 surveys before December 1st, 2019.

Why is there a reporting deadline?

After December 1st, all data collected via the MMP's program assessment forms will undergo final data verification by The Recycling Partnership. Once data verification is complete, the entire data set will become available for large-scale data analysis to reveal insights about municipal program performance across the U.S.

Will results be shared?

Yes, The Recycling Partnership and Re-TRAC Connect will share insights once the analysis is complete. Sign up to receive emails from Re-TRAC Connect so you don't miss future MMP updates.

What happens if I complete the MMP surveys after December 1st?

You can still complete your program assessment surveys after December 1st but your data may not be verified by The Recycling Partnership. You will still be able to run reports to analyze your municipality's MMP data (as long as surveys are marked as "Complete") but your data will not be included in the large-scale data analysis or benchmarking reports.

What if I haven't joined the MMP yet?

There's still time to join! Municipalities across the U.S. and Canada are encouraged to apply by visiting