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Local Government Recycling Programs

Curbside Recycling Programs Analysis

This report analyzes four key program characteristics. Understand how residents subscribe to receive collection services, who provides the service, and the collection format & frequency.

Materials Accepted Analysis

This report summarizes the materials most commonly accepted in residential curbside and drop-off recycling programs. It also provides a community-by-community breakdown of the materials accepted in residential recycling programs.


Residential Recycling Programs Analysis

This report summarizes the number of curbside and drop-off programs operating in the jurisdiction.


Recovery and Disposal Facilities

Tipping Fee Analysis for Disposal Facilities

This report measures the average tipping fees charged by disposal facilities in the jurisdiction. It includes a trend analysis that plots the annual average tipping fee charged (per material family), for the past 10 years. It also lists material-specific tipping fees for each disposal facility in the jurisdiction.

Interactive Map of Recovery & Disposal Facilities

The interactive map of recovery & disposal facilities is an invaluable tool for government agencies seeking information about the waste & recycling facilities operating in their region. Search by facility type, ownership type, and materials accepted to see these facilities plotted on the map. Click the pin to expand an info pane that displays useful information about the facility you selected.