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September 19, 2018


Glen Murray joins leading waste diversion software company, Emerge Knowledge Design Inc – the developers of Re-TRAC Connect


Emerge Knowledge Design Inc. is very excited to announce that Glen Murray will be joining our company as a Strategic Advisor on September 24th, 2018. Glen’s extensive experience developing practical solutions to waste reduction and product stewardship challenges and his visionary ideas about transitioning to a circular economy align well with the sustainability services our company delivers.

Re-TRAC Connect, our flagship data management and reporting solution, is used by over 37,000 organizations throughout the United States and Canada to collect, manage, analyze, and report waste and recycling data.  Re-TRAC simplifies data management, improves measurement, and informs decisions while driving efficiencies and streamlining the flow of information.

Glen will apply his energy and insights to opportunities where more efficient data management and better measurement can improve how materials are managed. Working together, our goal is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

“We are extremely excited to have Glen join our team,” says Rick Penner, President of Emerge. “He is a very talented, results-oriented individual with a great deal of experience in the sectors that we service. His vision, drive, and passion for sustainability will definitely help us achieve the ambitious goals we have for the company.”

Glen Murray's Background

Prior to joining Emerge Knowledge Design Glen was the executive director of the Pembina Institute, Canada’s leading energy think tank.

Glen was an Ontario cabinet minister, and oversaw several portfolios, including transportation; training, colleges, and universities; research and innovation, and most recently, environment and climate change. In his role as environment minister, Glen initiated and oversaw the implementation of Ontario’s ground breaking zero waste and circular economy act that introduced extended producer responsibility to Ontario. He led the development and implementation of Ontario’s cap-and-trade system, and played a foundational role in the creation of the Quebec-Ontario-California carbon market.

Glen has held a number of leadership roles, including serving as mayor of Winnipeg from 1998-2004, and was chair of the Big City Mayors’ Caucus. During his time as mayor, he led the successful fight to transfer the five cents/litre federal gas tax to municipalities and undertook a major expansion of Winnipeg’s recycling and resource recovery programs.

He also served as chair of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, under Prime Ministers Harper and Martin. Glen was also president and CEO of the Canadian Urban Institute.

Glen started one of Winnipeg’s first environmental small businesses in the 1980s. He and some friends built Envirofit a company that helped other small businesses reduce energy and material consumption and help them shift to recovered resources.

Glen started his career in activism as a founding member of the Canadian AIDS Society, and helped establish the Village Clinic in Winnipeg, a centre for AIDS prevention and care. He has worked internationally, helping establish the World Health AIDS Service Organization’s working group.

When he’s not in the office (or baking cookies to bring into the office), Glen lives on his bike.




September 10, 2018


Re-TRAC Connect and The Recycling Partnership Announce the BETA Launch of the Municipal Measurement Program to Standardize Community Recycling Performance Data Nationally


(Falls Church, VA) Today, Re-TRAC Connect and The Recycling Partnership launched the first phase of the Municipal Measurement Program (MMP) to provide municipalities with a robust and accessible materials management program analysis and planning tool. It was designed, with industry assistance, to standardize terminology and harmonize methodologies in support of consistent measurement across the U.S. and Canada.  This innovative program will empower municipalities to benchmark performance and then identify and replicate bright spots, leading to better investment decisions and a stronger U.S. recycling system.

The new measurement program’s goal is to reach the majority of municipalities in the U.S. and Canada to advance the standardization and harmonization of material measurement of curbside recycling across the countries and facilitate decision-making to improve recycling program performance. Without adequate performance data, municipal program managers can struggle to identify the best course of action to improve recycling.

“The Re-TRAC Connect team is extremely excited about launching the Municipal Measurement Program in collaboration with The Recycling Partnership,” says Rick Penner, President of Emerge Knowledge. “The MMP is designed to help municipalities measure the success of their programs while creating a national database of standardized information that will benefit the entire industry. Working with The Recycling Partnership to promote, manage, and enhance the MMP over time will ensure that the many benefits of this exciting new program are fully realized.”

Based on data submitted to the MMP, municipalities will be introduced to effective tools and resources developed by The Recycling Partnership to transform recycling across the United States. Participation in the program is free to communities and the goal is to create a standardized system for reporting contamination data.

“The Municipal Measurement Program will revolutionize the way we collect performance data, including capture rates and contamination, and transform our recycling systems for the better,” states Scott Mouw, Senior Director of Strategy and Research, The Recycling Partnership. “Currently every municipality has its own way of measuring and assessing their community’s performance. The MMP will streamline that data and connect municipalities to The Recycling Partnership’s free online toolkits of best practices to help communities improve recycling by operating more efficiently.”

Municipalities interested in participating in the beta testing phase of the MMP should visit: The official launch is scheduled for January 2019.


About Emerge Knowledge & Re-TRAC Connect

Emerge Knowledge, the company that develops Re-TRAC Connect, was founded in 2001 with the goal of developing innovative solutions that help organizations achieve their sustainability goals. The first version of our industry-leading data management software, Re-TRAC™, was launched in 2004 and the next generation, Re-TRAC Connect™, was released in 2011. Re-TRAC Connect is used by city, county, state/provincial, and national government agencies as well as a wide range of other organizations to efficiently collect, manage, and analyze recycling and solid waste data. The user community is rapidly expanding as more organizations learn how Re-TRAC can streamline their information management activities saving them time and money. For more information, please visit


About The Recycling Partnership

The Recycling Partnership ( is a national nonprofit organization that leverages corporate partner funding to transform recycling for good in cities and towns all across America. As the only organization in the country that engages the full recycling supply chain from the corporations that manufacture products and packaging to local governments charged with recycling to industry end markets, haulers, material recovery facilities, and converters; The Recycling Partnership positively impacts recycling at every step in the process. By the end of 2018, The Recycling Partnership expects to have served more than 900 communities with tools, resources and technical support, helped place over 494,000 recycling carts, reached 45 million households, and helped companies and communities invest more than $32 million in recycling infrastructure.



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