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Your data has a job to do.

Re-TRAC Connect™ software streamlines and elevates your waste and recycling data collection programs.

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Data Collection

Collect data from anywhere

Whether it's haulers reporting monthly material diversion, landfills submitting their annual reports, or municipalities providing updated program information, Re-TRAC Connect streamlines data collection.

Management & Measurement

Optimize your workflows

We've got an entire team of data geeks developing sophisticated features to save you time, improve the quality of your data, & help scale your material management programs.

Analytical Decision-Making

Measure what you manage

Generate insightful analytical reports to monitor trends, identify opportunities to improve performance, and confidently make informed decisions.

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Put your data to good use

Powerful software solutions designed to revolutionize data collection from analysis to action.

Increased efficiency graphic Local Government Reporting

Efficiently measure Municipal Measurement Program performance in your region with task automation and analytical reports.


Increased efficiency graphic Facility Reporting

Easily manage and analyze data collected from landfills, material recovery facilities (MRFs), transfer stations, and composting facilities, all in one place.


Increased efficiency graphic Hauler Reporting

Optimize the way you manage your hauler reporting program with standardized data collection, monitor hauler activity, and best practice reports to gain new insights about your waste diversion performance.


Increased efficiency graphic Recycling Ordinances

Easily manage waiver requests and document enforcement activity so you can focus on improving compliance rates.


Increased efficiency graphic Grant Application
Management & Reporting

Manage your entire grant program from application processing, progress reporting, and payment disbursement tracking, all in one place.