New Feature: Simplified survey saving

New Re-TRAC Connect Features for October 2019

Saving data in Re-TRAC Connect surveys is now more intuitive and just in time for the upcoming reporting season. Reporters no longer have to decide whether to click Save Draft or Mark Complete. Now reporters can click the Save button to be automatically presented with relevant options for what to do next.

New Features for June 2019

New Re-TRAC Connect Features for June 2019

Our reports have traditionally been constructed using a combination of tables and charts/graphs. However, when the Municipal Measurement Program launched, we recognized that the information we wanted to present wasn’t well-suited to analytical formats.

We solved this by introducing a new report style that can be configured to display summary information in stylized blocks. This new report style is designed to present information quickly, clearly, and easily without having to provide a great deal of context. They’re constructed using icons, bright colours, and information hierarchies designed to enhance cognition for all audiences.

New features for October 2018

New features for October 2018

Stay informed with notifications

Notifications keep you up-to-speed about the latest Re-TRAC programs, blog posts, and software features. Just click the bell icon to view the latest notifications. You can see all your notifications at once by clicking view all in the fly-out. Keep your notification center organized by dismissing the notifications you’ve already read and keep in mind that all notifications will automatically disappear after 365 days.

New Features – September 2016

Tracker and Tracker Light

Make “Activity/Process” a required field Click the “Require Activity?” checkbox in your template configuration page to make “Activity/Process” a required field. This will ensure the activity//process is selected for each material before the transaction can be saved.

New Features – June 2016

Overall System

Internet ExplorerDiscontinuing support for IE9 & IE10 As of July 1, 2016, Re-TRAC Connect will no longer support Internet Explorer 9 and 10. These legacy versions of the browser are outdated and insecure. Microsoft ended support for these browsers in January of 2016 which means that security updates and patches are no longer provided. We encourage Re-TRAC Connect users to update to the latest version of Internet Explorer or consider alternatives such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. [Read More]  

Waste diversion metrics translated into everyday terms

Waste diversion metrics in everyday terms Communicating your waste diversion performance can be challenging. This is especially true if your intended audience has never heard of metrics such as diversion rate, MTCE, or MTCO2E. If this is a common obstacle for your communication strategy, you’re in luck: the GHG Equivalencies Report translates complex diversion metrics into everyday terms that everyone can understand.

New Features – January 2016

Tracker and Tracker Light

Enhanced Tracker Reports You may have already noticed but this month we introduced the enhanced Tracker reports. We were so excited to tell you about the reports that we dedicated an entire blog post to them.
Topping the charts As part of the newly enhanced Tracker reports, we also introduced two new styles of charts. These chart styles were added to make visual data analysis even easier for specific types of reports.

Enhanced Tracker Reports

Enhanced Tracker Reports If you were eager to begin tracking 2016 recycling & waste data, you may have already noticed that we introduced our enhanced Tracker reports this month. The new reports, available in Tracker and Tracker Light, can be accessed by clicking the links in the side bar. We encourage you to log in to begin generating these new and improved reports.

New Features – November 2015

Overall System

Bringing New Features to the Table We have introduced a new style of tables to Re-TRAC Connect. The new tables include a search feature so you can easily find the data you’re looking for. You can also click any column header to sort your data in ascending or descending order.
New Tables

New Features – October 2015

Overall System

Pair with Existing User Program Managers Only Program Managers can now use the Register feature to pair a new organization with an existing user. Quickly select from a list of users already approved into the program, directory, or tool. This feature is especially useful when a member of your program reports on behalf of multiple organizations.
Pair with existing user