Brand Assets



This page provides our guidelines for implementing the Re‑TRAC Connect™ brand.
Follow these guidelines to ensure the brand is accurately and consistently represented.

Our Logo

The following logos should work for most applications. 


Primary Logo

This is the main Re-TRAC Connect logo.
Please use this version whenever possible.


Inverted Logo

This is our inverted logo.
Please only use this version for dark backgrounds.

Our Logomark

This is our logo without the words Re-TRAC Connect. Keep in mind that the primary logo should always be used first. However, in some situations such as when space is limited or when the logo has to be contained within a square or circle shape, you can use the logomark.

Re-TRAC Connect Logomark Arrows

Monotone Logos

Always try to use our primary logos whenever possible. Sometimes you can't control the background colour or you're printing in black & white; in those instances, you can use the monotone logos.


Sizing, Spacing, and Placement

Our logo looks its best when it's not too small and when it has enough space to breathe. Follow these rules to make sure our logo always looks great.

Re-TRAC Logo Spacing

Minimum Space For Logos

Always include at least the minimum amount of negative space surrounding the logo. The minimum negative space is equal to half the height of the “R” in “Re-TRAC”.

Re-TRAC Logomark Spacing

Minimum Space For Logomarks

The logomark must be surrounded by negative space equal to at least half of the arrow’s height.

Best Practices

Here are some examples to help you understand what not to do with our logo.

Re-TRAC Logo Guidelines
Re-TRAC Logo Guidelines 2